Donegal Hotelier flies the Union Jack.

In the news recently is the flying of the union jack by a Donegal hotelier Brendan Rohan who owns Dunfanaghy Holiday Village in Co Donegal. Apparently he gets a lot of business from English people and flies their flag as a form of welcome, he seemingly has forgotten our history and the disrespect shown by loyalists for the Irish flag and hatred shown on their eleventh night bonfires. Don’t believe the flying of the union jack is a good idea and the making guests feel welcome isn’t sufficient reason for it to be flown in the republic. The hotelier in question doesn’t fit the profile for being a anglophile formerly being a officer in the Irish army and all. The hotelier is contactable on facebook if one wants to get his side of the story. One wonders how it will end. Incidentally I rate below as being incitement to hatred at the very minimum.

One thought on “Donegal Hotelier flies the Union Jack.”

  1. the man himself speaks

    In answer to your question, Ger … I feel it’s hugely disrespectful and ignorant. They obviously don’t realise that they are destroying a symbol of their own tradition as it’s reflected in our beautiful ‘flag of union’ of the two traditions. Those doing this to any flag are inciting hatred and need educating, as I do when Unionists come here. I tell them that King Billy should be the Nationalist hero because … he was supported by the Pope, he defeated the English King here in Ireland, he had so many Irishman in his army and his crack troops, the Blue Guard were all Catholic, carrying a Papal banner … yet they have hijacked him and are celebrating the Boyne on the wrong date anyway …. while their likes, the 85% Presbyterian and Church of Ireland men in the United Ireland movement, were the founders of Irish Nationalism and Republicanism, yet they allowed the IRA to hijack that whole tradition. They have it all mixed up but they are receptive and are no longer marginalised when they come here and see proper respect being shown for our flag and theirs. There is hope but we must all try our best, especially in such Hospitality businesses as ours.

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