Books I have Read – Downsizing by Thomas Watson

I actually listened to this book, a audiobook on Audible. It makes a good listen and is narrated by the author himself. It tells of the author’s journey in being over 22 stone – 140 kilos to eventually losing 8 stone- 50 kilos and regaining his health and spark for life.

The author was at a party when a friend of his who happened to be a doctor pulled him aside and told him that he probably had diabetes, Tom was overweight, making frequent trips to the loo and had to dabble his forehead to wipe off sweat. A appointment was made with the doctor , which subsequently tested positive for diabetes . Tom had a unhealthy lifestyle , he ate rather a lot and did alot of snack eating in between meals. The author rarely cooked for himself and ate takeaways rather a lot. His lifestyle also included going to union meetings across the UK and dining on lavish meals provided and consuming lots of drink too. He wore a baggy suit for his obvious bulk and when he turned fifty vowed to makes changes to his life.

His major motivation that his health wasn’t good and he probably faced a premature death if he carried on the way he was. He adopted the “Keto” diet and made time for a routine exercise in his busy work schedule. A stop was made to all the takeaways and the snack eating he was doing. He reckons that he was the House of Commons canteen best customer and consumed lots of bacon buttes as well other items on the menu. He ditched all sugary foods, pies cakes, biscuits and ice cream and sought to consume more fruit and vegetables though being carbohydrate aware. He also consumed some “bullet” coffee, coffee with some yak’s butter added in to ease cravings . He walked to work, took the stairs rather than the elevator and had a regular “box exercise” with a private instructor most weekday mornings.

He made a point of getting out more, climbing Snowdonia and taking part in other outdoor pursuits such as cycling, kayaking and so on, The result of all this was that the weight pilled off Mr Watson though it was slow and steady progress. He lost some 8 stone – 50 kilos off his body and felt like a new man. He gained a love for the outdoors and physical activity. He resolved to fight big food companies in the way they push sugary food on people and especially children with tempting sweets and cartoon characters . The author makes the point that children don’t get enough outdoor activity and what they get is comparable to high security prisoners,

The author journey ends with him competing in a bicycle race cheered on by his son and daughter  from his first marriage. I am struck by the fact that it is largely will power which motivates him rather special diets and so on. He was able to see his weight reduction through and reap the benefits i.e no more diabetes medication,  There are many people who need such will power .

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