SuperValu Porridge Oats

70 cents/kilo


Here’s something I came across last week – i forgot where. A man made a compliant about a restaurant charging him €16.15 for a bowl of porridge and a coffee in Eyre square in Galway. Sounds pricey allright … there is alot of restaurants that overcharge people and seem to get away with it. Tourists are particular prey for them wont get a regular crowd with prices like that.

He was charged €7.50 for the bowl of porridge… extra for maple syrup €1.50 and charged for the milk and some raisins. The c0ffee worked out at around €6 still pricey for a latte. I guess the man had grounds to complain alright.

The restauranter responded that the prices where clearly displayed and the meal was of good quality and the ambiance of the restaurant was good.

what this gourmet porridge ! Any excuse to rip someone off. To be honest i would have looked at the prices and done a quick exit. Value for money is a alien concept for most Irish retailers and who charge whatever they can get away with.

What’s your experience of restaurants in Ireland ? Rip off or value for money ?

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