Good Friday Agreement, a Border Poll and Sinn féin sellout.

Here’s a topic i meant to write about on the anniversary of the Good friday agreement in April last year.

There has been other developments particularly the Sinn Féin ard fheis (party conference ) in November where they seem to have abandoned the principle of a United Ireland.

Well the leadership have anyway.

A United Ireland was once the main plank of the party but not since they signed up to Good Friday agreement… partition stays in so many words.  I have heard the Good Friday Agreement described as a “False Peace” a agreement made by bribing one side to accept unacceptable conditions lies and half truths.

The bribery seems to be more recent now . They say a border poll within  10 years but they said that in 2014, who believes them now ?

“Plum ” jobs in the British administration seem to be order of the day.

Back to Irish times poll which says most protestants would reject a United Ireland (79%) while only 55% of Catholics would support it. There is no campaigning at this stage.

Despite this poll the British administration will not allow a vote and run a country mile from one.

One could debate whether a six county vote is valid anyway ! It’s a gerrymander of the highest order leaving the most northerly part of Ireland in the “south” and ejecting the counties of Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan cos they would be too many Catholics.

Its a fact that Ireland didn’t join this union of its own free will. William Pitt then British prime minster (in 1801)bribed Irish parliament members to vote for it thus abolishing their parliament which has to be said was pretty unrepresented of the Irish people anyway.

Bribery is not new isn’t it.





















New Cars Bad Roads.


Decided to splash out on a new car just before Christmas. Got a good deal on a demo car with just 67 km on the clock. So i was happy with my purchase but have to note the state of the roads especially secondary and back roads are absolutely terrible.

The roads especially those that don’t connect to Dublin are too narrow for the amount for the amount of traffic thats on them and are full of dangerous bends and basically “corners”. To be honest there wasn’t too many potholes which is good.

I find that the bends on roads particularly on roads I travel infrequently pretty dangerous, you need to be driving pretty handy to take them. One wonders why the back roads are so bad, were people drunk when they were built or just are they tarred over dirt tracks.

So what needs to be done ? Significant funding needs to be given for roads and rail through out Ireland/Erin and not just Dublin which is always the case. Maybe it would be better for private contactors to do it, county councils depend to be inefficient.

The Government collects tax on road use (they  are some tolls as well) -motor tax, fuel tax on petrol and diesel as well as VAT and VRT on new cars.

There’s little excuse to have the roads in the state they are.

So get to it Government !!


Days of the Week.

Do you  know that the days of the week are named after  the planets of the solar system.  Below is what they are named after.


Monday                                                                The Moon

Tuesday                                                                Mars

Wednesday                                                       Mercury

Thursday                                                           Jupiter

Friday                                                                Venus

Saturday                                                           Saturn

Sunday                                                             The Sun