Gazing at the Moon.

Decided to write a few lines on the old blog here. Its been a few weeks since the last blog post, nothing much to write about except that i was on holidays for a week there at the start of august, Costa del sol very nice but was a bit too hot for me. i stayed in the hotel most of the time then the Irish bars all playing English football on there big tv’s. It had been sixteen years since I last took a holiday so it was bit different for me.

Don’t think i will take as long as that again to have my next holiday.

Nothing much happening just those hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean, wouldn’t do to get in the way there. I guess it disapproves the climate change deniers the fact that the vast numbers that make up humanity are having a profound influence  on the climate of the earth. Will be back writing on the blog soon, take care in the meantime.

On a “Spar” car park

Here’s one thing that happened to me lately, was shopping in local spar store where I bought this “chicken” on a stick, I have forgotten the right name for it. I proceeded to eat it whilst in the car park of the store and a small bit went down my windpipe, I started to gag and choke and looked toward a man parked alongside for help. However the man was oblivious to my situation and proceeded to drive off, leaving me still gagging I managed to cough it up and my situation quickly reverted back to normal. I couldn’t believe the attitude of this man who was parked alongside who wouldn’t help and just left me to my own devices and drove off. You could say no one cares anymore  but i haven’t come across many situations like this, I’m glad I didn’t need this man’s help. Will take smaller nibbles in future.



Now here’s a sight to see tomorrow night (depending on the cloud cover) -monday 14th november  a Supermoon so called due the elliptical orbit bringing the moon to the closest point to the planet since 1948, you will not get another one till  the mid 2030’s . The moon is expected to appear 30% bigger so it might be worth taking a snap depends on the weather of course.

So take a look tomorrow night, the following nights might also be worth a look . Check it out….moon_history_com

Mobile Phone top-ups

Just noticed last week my mobile was out of credit, after hardly any usage.  I recently got the phone as a present yes the fabled “Santa” at my age !!! (only joking) Didn’t use it much just to be contactable but it now seems I will have to top the mobile up monthly regardless of usage. Was using the landline but will have to reverse to the mobile now. Anyone else have the same situation ?