France Wins the World Cup.

Aah yes the World cup has drawn to a close and France has come out the victor after  beating the opposition  Croatia 4-0 in Moscow.  You could say the turning point(for France)  in the match was the penalty they got for the hand ball incident it was a bit harsh and really didn’t look like it was deliberate, however France managed to get two more goals to put the result beyond doubt. It wasn’t the most exciting of matches but credit most be given to Croatia for getting all the way to World cup final. The tournament as a whole was good and was a big promotion for Russian tourism which has opened up a good way. Its a pity that Ireland (republic 26) didn’t manage to get to Russia, I say that the population as a whole would have had a pretty time. Maybe next time .

Israel Wins the Eurovision Song Contest.

Just watched the Eurovision last night and was surprised to see Israel  win with their song “Toy”. Not a big fan of Eurovision song contest as I find the music very below par for a big competition. Last night wasn’t any different but it seems people like it or so we are led to believe. Ireland came 16th which wasn’t a bad result considering the kind of crap the song was. Take a look at below and see if it is to your taste.

The Oscars & Politics .

Well the Oscars were held Sunday night in Los Angeles and they didn’t really differ from what has gone before  even with the “me too” movement active since Harvey Wenstein exposure as a predator of women. The films were different obviously , however I noticed that Gary Oldman got Best Actor for “Darkest Hour” a portrayal of Winston Churchill in the early part of the World War 2.

Well now not being a fan of Winston Churchill (or British history in general) since he along with Lloyd George forced the partition of Ireland in 1921/1922. Churchill was somewhat of a war monger and refused numerous peace offers through out the war. Churchill seemed to very confident of the allies winning the World war 2 and often wonder why.

Anyway back to the films, a few years ago Michael Fassbender did a  portrayal of Bobby Sands in the movie “Hunger” despite winning some awards for Fassbender’s powerful depiction of Sands during the hunger strike it was deemed too political for Hollywood and the Brits largely stymied the film. it seems that portraying a War mongering British pm is however acceptable. Suppose that people can make their own mind up.

Freddie Scappaticci aka “Stakeknife” arrested in England.

In the news is that one Freddie Scappaticci also know as “Stakeknife” has been arrested by British Police at a undisclosed location. The past activities of the man are also under investigation by Chief constable Jon Boutcher and his squad. “Stakeknife” is believed to be involved in up to fifty killings with some at the behest of his handlers in British intelligence and others just to cover up for himself. He is believed to be a high level (but not the highest) informer in the I.R.A for the British army. He was “outed” as a tout by “Martin Ingram” and Greg Harkin in their book “Stakeknife” and quickly fled Belfast despite initial denials. It would seem that the Brits have given him up but its unlikely that they will allow the goings of British intelligence to be aired. Despite this it will be interesting to watch.

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Joanne Hayes receives State apology after over thirty year wait.

The state has made an apology to one Joanne Hayes who has made the news before, back in the eighties. Miss Hayes was accused of killing a baby boy 5 days old who was found on a Cahersiveen beach with 42 stab wounds, later called “baby John” by the undertakers. Tests would prove that Joanne was not the mother of “baby John” but Gardai were pretty determined she was the one responsible at the time. A tribunal was formed to investigate the goings on of the Gardai but Miss Hayes had reason to feel she was on trial, I remember reports of her sobbing in the witness box and accusations that of lively banter in the Dublin pubs at night. What does one make of this ? and the lengthy time it took the state to own up and admit they made a mistake. Maybe the incident is put to rest for Miss Hayes, only time will tell, could do with a state apology myself re 2fm Colm & Jim Jim.

Lighting Strikes, no dial tone and internet down.

Have been offline for a while, all down to a lighting strike which happened at 3 am in the morning. There was a pretty loud thunder clap and a flash of light at the window, bang and then no power, no phone. Just turned over and went to sleep. Well it took over a week for the phone line to be fixed, seemingly the lighting struck in two places and had even burned the poles. Powerful stuff indeed, always amazed at how much we are at the mercy of nature for our survival. Our technology can go just like that, nothing permanent about it. Sometimes i wonder what we would/could live without and what we must have. Just a thought.