Rogue one A Star Wars story, a review of sorts


Well it is Christmas time and time for the big studios to reel out their offerings for the period. They used to be released during the summer but the Lord of the Rings changed all that. I went to see “Rogue one  a star wars story ” last saturday night and was suprised to find the film not a flop like “Star wars The force Awakens ” or in a similar vein but don’t think its a trilogy either. The special effects abound and so do the number of new worlds to explore. Our heroine is set as a prisoner in imperial labour camp who is rescued by the rebel alliance who have a “job” for her to do, contact her father who is a military scientist for the imperials on the weapon they have just built a “Death star” and so the adventure rolls out. The cast preform their tasks well and the story tries to weave itself into the original star wars epic. Worth a look when it comes out on dvd. Rate it 4 out of 5.

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