On the British Election.

You seen all the news on tv and in the newspapers and there is no escaping the fact that the conservatives in England have been re-elected . Its bad news for Ireland and any rethink on Brexit is firmly put to bed now, with a lot of remainers  actually losing their seats. The sun never set on the British empire or so a lot of English people think – they re-elected the Tories with a even bigger majority shows you what a “shower of bastards” they are.  The Tory government will work hard to ignore calls for a unity referendum in Ireland and a independence referendum in Scotland. They will ensure that Sinn fein doesn’t get into government in the “South” of Ireland and will put more obstacles in the way of Irish unity. Possible future trade deals will see Ireland lose their share of British agricultural markets, time will tell for sure. Boris Johnson has a big a majority as Margaret Thatcher so there is very little way of stopping him. Five more years of Tory England is on the cards , not good for anyone except the English.

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