Freddie Scappaticci aka “Stakeknife” arrested in England.

In the news is that one Freddie Scappaticci also know as “Stakeknife” has been arrested by British Police at a undisclosed location. The past activities of the man are also under investigation by Chief constable Jon Boutcher and his squad. “Stakeknife” is believed to be involved in up to fifty killings with some at the behest of his handlers in British intelligence and others just to cover up for himself. He is believed to be a high level (but not the highest) informer in the I.R.A for the British army. He was “outed” as a tout by “Martin Ingram” and Greg Harkin in their book “Stakeknife” and quickly fled Belfast despite initial denials. It would seem that the Brits have given him up but its unlikely that they will allow the goings of British intelligence to be aired. Despite this it will be interesting to watch.

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Armed Gardaí to be deployed to Rathkeale.

In the news of late is Rathkeale, not for good news apparently. Armed police are to be deployed to this small town in the run up/during and after Christmas period. Large numbers of “travellers” come to the town each Christmas and its become quite rowdy time for Rathkeale. Haven’t heard of a lot of trouble happening but the deployment of armed police at Christmas time is becoming a regular event.

These visitors constantly drive up and down the town in swoosh cars which are actually rented for the Christmas period. They are annoying and cause traffic jams, feral children are also a problem. Don’t see why they all come to Rathkeale as they are living their lives elsewhere. Some business in town do well from the influx of “Visitors” but they give a bad image of Rathkeale and many houses are boarded up for the rest of the year.

Rathkeale becomes half a Ghost town. The “Traveller” community is over represented in Rathkeale and more should be done to encourage people to live there and more business/employment attracted to the town.

Gerry Adams steps down as Leader of Sinn fein.

On the news at nine o’ clock is the announcement that Gerry Adams is to step down as leader of Sinn fein. Gerry Adams has held the position since 1983 which is over thirty four years, quite a achievement in a modern political party.

Gerry Adams has led a chequered career in Sinn fein, he ended the “armed struggle” alongside Martin McGuinness who died earlier this year and signed up for the controversial Good friday agreement. He has built up a political organisation with seats at the Dáil, Westminster and Stormont assemblies. The party has become a lot more numerous than during the “armed struggle” as seen during their ard fheis in Dublin. However the movement he leads tends to take one step forward followed by two steps backward. He put in a highly suspicious performance during the 2007 Dáil elections. letting Micheal McDowell land some punches on him about Farc and the sum of twenty five million allegedly obtained from them despite knowing that some PD’s were “ansbachers”. Nobody asked him to explain his showing and he largely lost the election for Sinn fein. Some form of blackmail seemed to have been used. Adams led/leads a movement that is chock full of informers, touts and spies. One wonders what the future holds for Sinn fein and will they get their referendum on Irish unity in the years to come, everybody needs to play for team Ireland to win that one.

History will write on Gerry Adams and his legacy in the fullness of time.

Varadkar says more than 50% plus one needed in united Ireland poll ! Ooh No we don’t

OOH No we don’t !

Our esteemed Taoiseach Leo Varadklar has put his foot in it, by saying on an interview with BBC spotlight that more than 50%+1 wouldn’t be sufficient for there to be an United Ireland and consensus (general agreement according to Google) would be required, Now hold on a minute here when was “consensus” ever required when it came to the north… In the never never more like. Making up my mind on our present taoiseach but its clear he is a blue-shirt of the first order, he is half Indian which means he should know better to come out with this pseudo-unionism. Lord Kilclooney aka John Taylor of the “moderate” OUP thanked Leo Varadkar for his “realism”, no thank his blue-shirt.

The loyalists are full of threats of course but like all bullies don’t amount to much when they are stood up to. One thing they never was a unionist majority in Ireland, Donegal remains the most northern county in Ireland and Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan are part of ulster too but where excluded from “Northern Ireland” for the simple reason they would be too many Catholics.

Irish people as a whole were never consulted whether they wanted a border or not it was just forced on them. However one loyalist politician I do agree with is Nelson McCausland when he says that the taoiseach’s comments are “a recognition that the main political parties in the Irish Republic have no real interest in Irish unity“.

Fianna fail and fine gael have little interest in uniting Ireland or providing jobs for their people, they feel they have a god given right to scams and want nothing to rock the boat.

Here are some links of interest:

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Thanks to Slugger O’ Toole here is the Leo Vardakar interview

Looking North.

In the aftermath of the british election, the conservative party (uk) have chosen to ally themselves with their “friends and allies” in the north’s Dup (Democratic unionist party as they call themselves). The Dup expect to receive more than £1 billion(in the next two years) in extra funding for the north for their support of the minority conservative government in confidence votes. brexit negotiations and so on. The prospect of a border poll is also ruled out during the tenure of this tory government, hardily surprising considering the Dup and its ” klu klux klan” associations. One wonders what sort of trouble is coming due to the conservative/dup link up  but with sectarian marching season in the north nearly upon us, you are quiet likely to find out.

At least one item gets the “bin” and that’s the british pretence of being “honest brokers” or any idea of them being “impartial” in the goings on of the north. Otherwise the Dup’s “billion” doesn’t sound like that much especially as it is over two years which is £500 million/year despite all the cuts made by the “Tories”. The only question how does the Tory/Dup linkup last, brexit negotiations will be over in two years time, there is a possibility of a referendum/election being called at that stage or will the Tories/ Dup last until 2022 ?

One has to wait at this stage.

here’s a link to what the Tories/Dup have made public.


National Maternity Hospital II.

Just a quick note on the national maternity hospital and its situation of the government “gifting” a €300 million facility to the sisters of charity  as “sole owners”. The religious order in question has relented and has decided to quit their role as owners and setup a charity to run the facility instead. Its a improvement on the situation where we would have the nuns as sole owners but who owns the charity ? This charity which will now control the hospital. Its still receiving quite alot of taxpayers money and it (the hospital) can still be sold without the taxpayer having any say. More will still have to be done.


Donegal Hotelier flies the Union Jack.

In the news recently is the flying of the union jack by a Donegal hotelier Brendan Rohan who owns Dunfanaghy Holiday Village in Co Donegal. Apparently he gets a lot of business from English people and flies their flag as a form of welcome, he seemingly has forgotten our history and the disrespect shown by loyalists for the Irish flag and hatred shown on their eleventh night bonfires. Don’t believe the flying of the union jack is a good idea and the making guests feel welcome isn’t sufficient reason for it to be flown in the republic. The hotelier in question doesn’t fit the profile for being a anglophile formerly being a officer in the Irish army and all. The hotelier is contactable on facebook if one wants to get his side of the story. One wonders how it will end. Incidentally I rate below as being incitement to hatred at the very minimum.