Looking North.

In the aftermath of the british election, the conservative party (uk) have chosen to ally themselves with their “friends and allies” in the north’s Dup (Democratic unionist party as they call themselves). The Dup expect to receive more than £1 billion(in the next two years) in extra funding for the north for their support of the minority conservative government in confidence votes. brexit negotiations and so on. The prospect of a border poll is also ruled out during the tenure of this tory government, hardily surprising considering the Dup and its ” klu klux klan” associations. One wonders what sort of trouble is coming due to the conservative/dup link up  but with sectarian marching season in the north nearly upon us, you are quiet likely to find out.

At least one item gets the “bin” and that’s the british pretence of being “honest brokers” or any idea of them being “impartial” in the goings on of the north. Otherwise the Dup’s “billion” doesn’t sound like that much especially as it is over two years which is £500 million/year despite all the cuts made by the “Tories”. The only question how does the Tory/Dup linkup last, brexit negotiations will be over in two years time, there is a possibility of a referendum/election being called at that stage or will the Tories/ Dup last until 2022 ?

One has to wait at this stage.

here’s a link to what the Tories/Dup have made public.



Went to see this Friday night at the Omniplex Crescent shopping centre, didn’t know what to expect but found out in short order. This film fell flat in no time especially with the opening set in King Arthur’s England, not very original to say the least. The “Transformers” are once again involved giving “Merlin” a powerful staff with which to defeat Arthur’s enemies the saxons. This is then hidden away to prevent the evil decepticons from using it. The film goes on and on and its a real mess with the actors look like they are only doing it for the paycheck. Its really a recycled story and Anthony Hopkins part is just the stereotypical Brit.

Its a big budget feature with lots of sights and no originality. Maybe it is just for the kids. The cinema seems to have emptied out since the summer began. This film won’t bring them back.

Tourism Expert says Dublin/Ireland a “Rip off”.

Tourism expert Michael Hall speaking at a conference in Sligo, says that he wouldn’t dream of coming to Ireland if it wasn’t for business or for conferencing. He found the country very overpriced, emphasising that he spent over €400/night for a hotel room in Dublin (pricey even for Dublin) and didn’t enjoy the stag/hen groups which frequent the city. Ireland admittedly is not the cheapest country to visit with only Denmark being more expensive (in the EU). Mr Hall is originally from England but now resides in Australia, had other gripes as well – delays at the airport, garda taking a case against Stephen Fry for blasphemy and so on. Guess it is a matter of personal taste what someone might like may not be to the liking of someone else, but he doesn’t sound like someone that knows Ireland a great deal and has quite pricey taste. Looking at Trivago and Booking.com you can get a reasonable hotel room for €100 a night in Dublin which is still pricey but along way from his €400/night sojourns. Maybe Mr Hall is not the expert he thinks he is.


National Maternity Hospital II.

Just a quick note on the national maternity hospital and its situation of the government “gifting” a €300 million facility to the sisters of charity  as “sole owners”. The religious order in question has relented and has decided to quit their role as owners and setup a charity to run the facility instead. Its a improvement on the situation where we would have the nuns as sole owners but who owns the charity ? This charity which will now control the hospital. Its still receiving quite alot of taxpayers money and it (the hospital) can still be sold without the taxpayer having any say. More will still have to be done.


U.S.A pulls the plug on Climate Accord.

Making the news of late is the fact that Donald Trump U.S President has withdrawn the U.S.A from the Paris Climate Accord. It comes as little surprise with Trump’s pre-election pledges to big business and after his trip to Saudi Arabia with $480 billion in arms deals. The move I gather is done to largely protect the oil industry from alternative forms of energy being developed to met emissions targets and other anti-pollution measures. People will continue to breathe fumes in the larger cities and pollution will continue with industry refusing to clean up after it self. Clean water, clean air will be increasing difficult to manage. The move by the U.S has largely wrecked the accord with many countries now unlikely to meet targets. The impact on the world climates is unknown with more storms, droughts and floods likely. Its a very greedy action and everyone is likely to pick up the tab.