70th Anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Monday 10th December was the anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights which was declared in December 1948. They are good principles to live by but its a shame that nearly all governments just pay lip service to them. Don’t think the world as such has progressed a lot since 1948. Here’s two short videos to explain them to you. See whether you believe your country measures up.




One thing I have noticed is the lack of comments on my blog and I have been up and running for over two years on Gearosc.eu and over ten years since I started on ferdia2010… all meaningful comments seemed to stop after a few postings. This however doesn’t apply to spam and I seem to get loads of it. In fact it was getting out of hand completely with about fifty spam comments a day happening everything from porn to cheap loans, all had to be deleted manually. I had to upgrade my spam protection and so it is costing extra. Who makes all this spam ? They are promoting their websites apparently but it all ends up in the waste basket- a waste of time really.

So please feel free to comment- I don’t bite but no spam please.


2fm’s Colm & Jim Jim Liar Liar Show

Well well how time has flown.

it is all of ten years ago to the day when I was attacked by 2fm Dj’s Colm Hayes and Jim Jim Nugent. They failed to name me directly but put stuff out on “2010” (my old blog ferdia2010). It was very racy stuff indeed ! They asserted that i downloaded, “snuff”movies -untrue , stuff about “Whips” and whipping people, bisexuality and of course the smell !!

My  character was assassinated and made to be globally humiliated  but whatever happened their reason that they had to rerun the “Lisbon treaty” disappeared overnight  and the Djs started putting out Death threats saying that they would “wrap a towel around my head” if i didn’t shut up.  I wouldn’t be silenced or act guilty for those bastards  At the same time i remember that my atm card wouldn’t work with the machines and I had to go into the bank to get money. That was a strange thing to happen.

Time went on and in September a member of the audience on Questions and Answers asked whatever happened to “crack of the whip stuff” they failed to answer the Question and the same night they rolled out the “Bank Guarantee” and more or less drowned out what they had done .

Attempts were made to sue RTE but the state did everything possible  to block me from suing, they deleted my emails before i got them, the comments were stopped on my blog and I am sure they intercepted the post as well. I instructed a solicitor to sue RTE but he fobbed me off  saying he hadn’t got a reply but then refused to sue when i found out he had got a reply. Also i had written to Sinn Fein asking for help but they refused to do anything , it was like be given a penalty kick and then refusing to take it. Something must be very wrong like being involved in the thing in the first place.

Brian Cowen and his government should have fallen but were kept in power  by outside agencies .

In November (of 2008) i started my campaign and i started to assail the Dj’s who had defamed me, the pair of pricks Colm Hayes and Jim Jim Nugent, sewer rats they are . They couldn’t back up anything and became very quiet . I nearly got it out what they had done when events in Mumbai India blew me off the agenda again. I tackled the minister Mary Hanafin whose idea it was to come at me  but met with stony silence despite being “flamed”.

My efforts to sue RTE and whoever else was involved came to nothing. The Lisbon treaty was put through without their scandal coming out. So its there to be undone. The whole episode had a serious effect on my health and i was quiet ill.

I dedicate this song “Nothing has been Proved ” to the DJs and Mary Hanafin.

Joanne Hayes receives State apology after over thirty year wait.

The state has made an apology to one Joanne Hayes who has made the news before, back in the eighties. Miss Hayes was accused of killing a baby boy 5 days old who was found on a Cahersiveen beach with 42 stab wounds, later called “baby John” by the undertakers. Tests would prove that Joanne was not the mother of “baby John” but Gardai were pretty determined she was the one responsible at the time. A tribunal was formed to investigate the goings on of the Gardai but Miss Hayes had reason to feel she was on trial, I remember reports of her sobbing in the witness box and accusations that of lively banter in the Dublin pubs at night. What does one make of this ? and the lengthy time it took the state to own up and admit they made a mistake. Maybe the incident is put to rest for Miss Hayes, only time will tell, could do with a state apology myself re 2fm Colm & Jim Jim.

Lighting Strikes, no dial tone and internet down.

Have been offline for a while, all down to a lighting strike which happened at 3 am in the morning. There was a pretty loud thunder clap and a flash of light at the window, bang and then no power, no phone. Just turned over and went to sleep. Well it took over a week for the phone line to be fixed, seemingly the lighting struck in two places and had even burned the poles. Powerful stuff indeed, always amazed at how much we are at the mercy of nature for our survival. Our technology can go just like that, nothing permanent about it. Sometimes i wonder what we would/could live without and what we must have. Just a thought.

Back Blogging again

Decided to give this blogging lark another go, hopefully will get good results this time.