The State of the Defense forces.

One thing that has come up recently is the condition of the defense forces. Apparently they aren’t in any condition to defend the country with less than ten thousand men to staff the army, navy and air corp. That would leave about five thousand men as combat soldiers . Lack of Capabilities for example No combat aircraft, just a few helicopters, No tanks just a few APC’s, No air defense capacity, scare Artillery and just a few days ammunition . Shockingly state really. Who would leave us in a defense less state ?|Hundred years of fianna fail/fine gael has us a push over for anyone who wants to take us.

The establishment obviously isn’t reliant on Irish arms to keep them in , we have a bigger army if that was the case . There is no guardian force to protect the country, kick out corrupt governments and so on.. Kept weak deliberately so ..We need a modern army with full capabilities  to protect us in this threatening. world