Simon Coveney & the North.

One of the latest pronouncements of our Foreign Minster is that a United Ireland is “off the table” as concerns Brexit (UK leaving the EU). Simon Coveney  or his party is not know for a nationalist stance on the North, indeed consigning the matter to “Foreign affairs”  like if any part of Ireland is foreign, ok maybe Cork that a jest there.

I wouldn’t be too perplexed about “Brexit” being the reason for a referendum but the time is coming for one to be held in the next ten years at least. The issue needs to be addressed and it is in Ireland (32 counties) interest to be a united country as it would be a much stronger country than a divided one.

In saying that you would be better knocking your head off a wall than getting that through to Fianna fail and fine gael. They seem oblivious to Ireland’s long term interests and only act in support of a small section of the community… their own voters basically.  That’s a topic for another day but it must be said that Ireland needs better politics than we got at the moment. To sum it up my judgement on Simon Coveney is that he is on the wrong side of history and maybe he should join the right side for the big win.

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  1. Tainiste Simon Coveney Without Prejudice is not Capable of been Tainiste over FAS as to where he was in total Conflict of Interest by Promoting a Chairman of a Dairy co op to a Top Department of Agriculture Position while on the same Day he and his SIU of Dept of Agriculture Called in the Gardai to Investiggate this Same Offending co op in 2012 where Several Frauds are Believed took Place and Ongoing .Also where Gardai have Relayed 3 Incomplete Files to the DPP where the Latest was in August 2018 to where Several GSOC Investigations are now advised. A Sworn Tribunal of Inquiry is now Warrented and Sought from Drew Harris Garda Commissioner.

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