Feeling the Pinch…


We have all noticed in the past few months, the price of everything has gone up  especially petrol/diesel.gas which has brought knock on increases in the price of food,fertilizers,home heating oil or kerosene and . .just about everything else.

I recently bought five hundred liters of kerosene which worked out @€1.40/liter or €700 for the fill. It was €0.86/liter before Christmas (which was up on a previous price). Very wallet emptying these increases, Bord Gáis put up prices 27% for electricity and up 40 % for gas other energy  companies have made similar increases..

What does one do ?

No body has got wage increases of 27%, poor people have decided to turn off the heating as they can’t afford it, take less journeys by car, shop at Lidl or Aldi, look for wage increases or increases in social  welfare all in aid  of making one ends meet.

  • Whats the reason for all these increases ? More demand for oil and gas, production cuts by OPEC and other oil producers, more demand by Asian countries.. Largely i blame the Saudis for “gouging” consumers and being able to get away with it..
  • The Irish Daily Mail says most people are €3,000 worst off than before all the prices increases in oil&gas. Maybe people will switch to renewable energy i.e Wind/Solar/Hydro/Nuclear it should be cheaper. . They should be a switch to electric or hydrogen cars in the next ten years that will reduce the demand for oil and gas.
  • I can’t wait for that to happen !

Classic Hits “Guaranteed Irish”.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'classic 94 94-105FM 105FM Ireland's Classic Hits Radio GUARANIEED WIHMEGHANN WITH'

Flicked on the radio to “Classic Hits” the show that was on was “Guaranteed Irish” with Meghann Scully 8-10 pm Sunday night . She introduced a band i think was called the  “Academic”  and their t0ur dates in Belfast and Derry which she called “Londonderry” only a loyalist calls it rhat and then asked if rhey had any Irish dates ? ? !!!

Fuck me but I thought that Belfast and Derry were in Ireland !!!

Didn’t ace at geography but at least I got that right.

Here a map of Ireland for her/

Beautiful Map of Ireland in English and Irish Gaeilge image 1