“Dunkirk” a review of sorts.

Here’s one that hit the cinemas recently the tale of the British evacuation of their expeditionary force from France during the early years of the second world war. Its referred  to as the “Miracle of Dunkirk” by Time magazine. There are explanations for this “miracle” mainly that Hitler lets the brits go. The movie is controversial in that it displays the action as a valiant rearguard operating under a hail of Luftwaffe bombs and strafing. No action is made to stop the evacuation by the  German “panzer” divisions which surrounded the allied forces. This is a mega blunder by the Germans who could have won the war there and then had they captured the British expeditionary force, there would have been no army to defend Britain. Hitler would do this again – stop the tanks and this was on D-day. Some lack of action by the Germans led to decisive events which changed the outcome of the war.

Anyway back to the film. Its well “shot” cinematically with three subplots, the guys on the beaches, the people in the boats and the Raf flying overhead, these gradually come together towards the end of the film. Its well acted with the main character being a soldier trying to escape the mayhem at the beaches. Its worth the ticket price but its not a masterpiece either.


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