Classic Hits “Guaranteed Irish”.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'classic 94 94-105FM 105FM Ireland's Classic Hits Radio GUARANIEED WIHMEGHANN WITH'

Flicked on the radio to “Classic Hits” the show that was on was “Guaranteed Irish” with Meghann Scully 8-10 pm Sunday night . She introduced a band i think was called the  “Academic”  and their t0ur dates in Belfast and Derry which she called “Londonderry” only a loyalist calls it rhat and then asked if rhey had any Irish dates ? ? !!!

Fuck me but I thought that Belfast and Derry were in Ireland !!!

Didn’t ace at geography but at least I got that right.

Here a map of Ireland for her/

Beautiful Map of Ireland in English and Irish Gaeilge image 1

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